I am an Independent Mortgage Broker, what does that mean?

I find that even today, with information literally at our fingertips, there are still many misconceptions about what it is a Mortgage Broker does.

My favorite (and most common) question I get asked is “Why Can’t I Just Go to My Bank? The answer is, you can.  In fact, I encourage clients to go to their own bank first, ask questions, get information, get a mortgage quote.  Then speak with me, I have five simple yet powerful reasons to not work with your bank:

1. Unbiased Advice – ‘Bank A’ wants to sell you a mortgage from ‘Bank A’, that is how they make money. 

Ask yourself the question, “Is it really possible for an employee of a bank to be giving you their unbiased advice?” That’s like going into a Toyota Dealer and having them suggest you buy a Honda…It’s not going to happen.

I work with most of the major banks when finding a mortgage, but, I don’t work for the bank, I work for you, my client.  This is the most important fact that people overlook everyday.  You get the best mortgage for you, not what’s best for the bank.

2. Freedom of Choice When you go to your bank, you get what they have to offer, nothing more, nothing less, no choice on features, no choice of pros & cons, no choice other than what they offer you.

Most people shop more for a new  Television than a mortgage.  They don’t go to one store that carries one brand, they go to a store that offers many brands, with a multitude of features, benefits, prices, etc… This allows them to compare and choose what works best for them.

Yet, every day people go to the bank and take whatever mortgage is offered, they take it on blind faith that it is best for them.

For such a major financial decision, a Mortgage Broker means you get the Freedom to Choose the best features, terms and rates for your situation.

3. Professional – Mortgages are what I do everyday and have been doing it for 15 years.  I have built a career around providing Excellent Service and Expert Advice to every client.  5 years from now, I will still be here to answer your questions, talk to your friends and family.  Most bank employees are seldom in the same branch or position for very long.

“To a bank you are a client number, to me you are a lifelong client”

4. Free Service – A mortgage broker gets paid by the by lender who ultimately provides you with your mortgage.  Meaning there is no cost to you (O.A.C.)

5. Rates – A Mortgage Broker has access to a large variety of lenders, who have special discounts, rate sales and promotions.  I can provide some of the most competitive rates available.

Try to get the best rate from your bank the first time you talk to them.  A bank has one major purpose, to be profitable, they don’t do that by giving everybody the best rate.

You get my best available rates upfront with no need to haggle and the comfort that I will monitor available rates until your closing should rates drop more.

I truly believe that these 5 reasons are vital in understanding why an Independent Mortgage Broker is the right choice when looking for a mortgage.

I am a homeowner, husband and father of three, so, I do understand the significance and importance of home.

I really enjoy helping clients realize their dreams, whether it be the excitement of buying your first home, a larger home or your dream home, Mortgages are what I do and I do it very well.

If you want to speak with me please call 416-436-0179 or email me at

I look forward to speaking with you.

Morgan Vaughan

Verico Capital Home Lending (Broker License #12347)

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